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Are we breathing properly?

What comes to mind when reading this question is pollution and the quality of the air we breathe. But although we all know that the air that enters our lungs and blood stream is not the purest we also know that a remedy can be had by breathing mountain air or visiting the shore. This might not always be easily accessible to most city dwellers, but nonetheless one who is concerned about such an issue will consider various options to alleviate this concern. One could hope for social reform and additional pollution regulations that would help clean up our environment.


However, there is another aspect to our breathing besides the quality of the air that has as much influence on us. The purity of the air is indeed a very important component of breathing but the amount of air we take into our lungs with each breath is equally important and influential. In order to achieve proper breathing one requires quantity as well as quality.


Immediately upon entering the world, out of the comfort of his mother's womb, a baby will start breathing for the first time and that energy immediately starts influencing the entire organism. Breathing is therefore called the first energy, and through science we have established

all of the functions it performs on our

blood stream, energy levels, and in on our general ability to perform any action.


People involved in sports regularly engage in training of the lungs in order to increase their stamina and resistance to prolonged exercise.  But most of us do not breathe properly, using only a small percentage of the lungs and breathing in a very shallow manner. This later leads to complications and illness resulting from poor oxygen circulation and lack of exercise to the lungs, such vital organs.


Through the Pakua studies of breath control and breath expansion – Ch'ien Chi Kua, Ki Hai Kuan Kuan and others – one can expand lung capabilities and increase the quantity of air entering and thus benefiting the body. These techniques are incredibly effective in helping reestablish health and well being. Even thinking becomes clearer when the brain is properly irrigated.


Please be on the look out in further publications for additional information on breathing and its influences or inquire with your local Pakua Master on learning techniques for better health.

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