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Massage Therapy, Study and Application

Many of us enjoy a good massage. The total relaxation and the feeling of well-being that results is one of the true pleasures we can offer our body and mind. But did you know that these manipulations have actual health benefits? Did you know that regular massage treatments prevent and help heal disharmonies and illnesses?

The Ancient Chinese Healers recognized the benefits of massage therapy and used it in conjunction with other forms of therapy for relieving the early manifestations of disharmonies. This was mainly used as a preventative measure and therapeutic massages were commonly used to promote general well-being, while boosting the circulatory and immune systems. The benefits are many and range from improved blood pressure and blood circulation to increased muscle tone, enhanced digestive system and even healthier looking skin.


One technique of massaging for increased energetic circulation involves stimulating pressure points that are present all over the body. Either by stimulating general points that promote and increase proper energy circulation, or by using points that specifically correspond to the disharmonies at hand.


When the energy flows properly through the body’s energy channels, the person feels and looks healthy, skin tone is glowing, and elasticity of the skin and muscles is enhanced. However, when the energy is stagnant, when muscles retain and accumulate waste products, when the organs are not properly fed by the circulation of energy, the person will be affected in many ways, both emotionally and physically. Through the manipulations of a massage and the stimulation of points on the surface of the body, connected to internal organs, harmony and balance in the energy flow can be re-established.


Massage therapy has shown to have direct effect on people who suffer from irritability, excess anger, over-excitement, self-pity, deep grief, fear and depression. All of these emotions, which Ancient Healers called illnesses of the mind, when left unchecked, eventually result in illnesses of the body.

Essentially, this form of therapy, like many other forms of ancient Chinese healing techniques, help the body heal itself. The body will always attempt to self regulates; when cold, the body will activate mechanisms to try to warm itself, when too hot the body tries to cool itself. Such automatic unblocking in the energy's flow will be greatly enhanced through massage therapy.


Pakua Masters incorporate the study of massage therapy into the curriculum. Since the benefits of receiving this form of healing are clear, reestablishing harmony has becomes a regular form of treatment. Through this study the practitioner acquires a thorough understanding of the body's energy paths and learns techniques that help relieve and dissipates aches, pains, and disharmonies. Being able to apply these therapies to friends and family, thus promoting well-being and good feeling amongst loved ones, is a source of satisfaction that will also help the practitioner feel mentally and physically harmonized.


Inquire with your local Pakua Master about the study of these ancient therapeutic techniques that have transcended time to be of benefit to us today.


Pakua truly is “An Ancient Knowledge for Modern Times.”

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