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Did You Know? What you eat in the morning, will influence your whole day.

Updated: Feb 22

We often hear the saying “You are what you eat.” In fact one can really say that you feel what you eat, you think what you eat, and you act what you eat.

Many of us leave the house in a hurry, on an empty stomach or with only a cup of coffee to jolt our system in to action and wake up the sleeping brain cells. No wonder we run out of steam very quickly, or have easy mood swings, or just lack the energy that is needed to get through a demanding day.

Essentially, we are depriving the body and all of its components of nutrients, yet demanding it to perform immediately upon awakening. This could be compared to someone who does not put oil in his car, only occasionally puts water or other necessary fluids, and only puts gas when the car actually stops at the side of the road and refuses to move an inch. Not only does the vehicle very quickly become unreliable, but it also develops all kinds of malfunctions that are costly to repair and even sometimes result in to irreparable damage. Any responsible automobile owner knows that regular visits to the mechanic, who can properly maintain the car, will get a lot of mileage out of it and also some peace of mind in the process. But it is not enough to put the fluids into the vehicle. One needs to pour in the right liquids at the correct time.

Why would the human body be any different?

By feeding the body with the right nutrients at the right moment, we can help it perform more efficiently, Physically and mentally. Food not only supplies the body with the energy that fuels the movements but also the processes needed for clear thinking.

We therefore need in the morning the foods that will gives us the energy to get up and go, kick start the brain in to action as well as clean the body of the toxins of the previous day.

Where can we find all of these components?

They can be found in fruits!

Starting your day with fruits will provide the body with the liquids and the glucose needed for all of the functions just mentioned. Fruits are high in liquids and will rinse the interior mechanism of the body. Many of us take a shower to rinse the body in the morning, and fruits will do that to the inside of the body. Fruits also contain lots of sugars which will give the body the energy that it needs to fuel its motor functions. Of course one needs to be careful if sugar is detrimental to their well-being because of a medical condition.

When the body is fed properly in the morning, it will be the reliable tool we expect it to be through out the day.

To learn more about Pakua Nutrition contact your local Pakua Master or a staff member of your local Pakua School. None of the above should be considered medical advise and used as such.

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