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Energy Ways: What are they and how do we use them to our benefit?

Updated: Feb 22

It is possible to look at our city and consider the streets that crisscross it as the paths in which the energy of the city travels.

On a daily basis cars, trucks and buses use these paths to carry people and merchandise from one place to another, making our city the living, breathing organism that we know. In each neighborhood there are large streets, boulevards and avenues that accommodate a heavy flow of people and vehicles, and then there are smaller paths that connect them all together, thus creating a web of passages covering almost every part of the town.

At times, the flow of traffic is heavier in certain areas, while at other times the amount of people and vehicles is heavier in other parts of the city. To regulate that flow, an intricate system of signals, lights and regulations are in place to attempt to provide the smoothest possible movement all over the metropolitan area. Many people are in charge of city planning and continuously maintain these roads as well as the system that provides the infrastructures for all signals and lights along the way.

Should traffic become too heavy in a specific area, congestion ensues and the proper flow slows down or even stops. This in turn deprives certain areas of the city of the flow of people or energy that usually arrives there at a given time. Some cities experience subway strikes and we all know the havoc it creates when such a path of travel is blocked for an extended period of time.

Well, this is exactly what happens inside the human body.

Within our body the streets and avenues are called “energy ways,” or sometimes referred to as Meridians. On a daily basis, the cycle of energy flows through them taking energy from one part of the body to the other and back. There are many main energy ways that cycle the flow on a regular schedule and then there are many secondary paths that connect them all. On any given day, the food we eat and the air we breathe is processed and distributed throughout the body and the energy it produces travels along all these paths. Many processes and components are responsible for the proper flow of the energy and in a harmonious body, the energy flows smoothly and without much effort on our part.

Imagine for an instant that one of these energy ways become congested or blocked...

Well, they do! And they do for many very varied reasons, ranging from stress and overeating to more pathological invasions that we commonly call infections and illnesses.

When such disharmonies occur, reestablishing the proper flow in the energy ways is the key to better health, be it a temporary energy slow down or a more severe blockage.

Studying the ways of the energy inside of the body is what allows us to alleviate these disharmonies. This can be done through massages or other manipulations of trigger points placed along the main meridians of the body. Most Pakua Masters, as a bi-product of learning Martial Arts, or as a study all on its own, become familiar with these energy paths and with the various ways to manipulate the energy along these ways, thus becoming capable of helping to alleviate a myriad of aches, pains and sometimes more debilitating invasions.

Talk to your local Pakua Master about studying the ways of the energy in the body or for help with a Energy Ways treatment.

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