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Welcome to Pakua Long Island

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Tai Chi

Pakua Long Island

is a school dedicated to teaching the ancient knowledge of Pakua through a diverse range of disciplines, including Martial Art, Pakua Tai Chi, Chinese Yoga, Archery, and Edged Weapons.
Our focus is on providing Excellence in Martial Art Education in a welcoming and supportive environment where students learn and grow. Our experienced instructors are committed to helping students achieve their goals, be that physical fitness, mental clarity, or self-defense skills.
We believe that martial arts training can be a powerful tool for personal transformation, and we are dedicated to sharing the ancient Chinese knowledge of Pakua through it's different disciplines.
General classes and individual private programs are available, both in our dojo as well as off premisses.

The Pakua Long Island school also provides one on one classes for special needs students.

Our Aproach

Martial Art   •    Pakua Tai Chi    •    Syntony Chinese Yoga

Ancient Chinese Archery   •   Edged Weapons

A Range of Disciplines Suitable for
Every Individual and for All Ages

Pakua's individual approach and non competitive nature allows every student to grow and develop at their own rhythm.  Since each person is a result of their own physical and mental experiences, their adaptation to both understanding and performing movements is often very different.  Patience and dedication is what characterizes our school's philosophy to education.

meet the staff

Martial Art

Our Founder and Leaders

The late Master Rogelio Giordano Magliacano

The Master founded the International Pakua League in 1976 which has since expanded all over the world.  He led the school with the help of his most graduate students for 30 years.

Master Rogelio Magliacano

Founder of Pakua International

Master Nicolas Dario Moyano

Master Moyano was appointed in 2006 to continue leading the Pakua International League.  
He has since then consolidated the school and lead to great expansion.

Grand Master

Master Nicolás Darío Moyano

Master Fernando Martin Sandri

Master Sandri is an integral part of the Pakua League's growth and success and has been at the helm of the School since 2006.

Master Fernando Martín Sandri

Grand Master

Martial Art

Our Teacher

Master Eli Chaikin

Pakua Long Island

Master Eli Chaikin

Master Eli Chaikin has been teaching Pakua for close to 30 years and established Pakua Long Island in the early 2000s. He has dedicated his professional career to sharing his knowledge and experience with his students, and helping them achieve their full potential through the study of Pakua.

Master Eli

Get in Touch

516.791.1860 |
1191 Railroad Avenue, Hewlett, NY 11557


Thank You for Contacting Us!

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