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Master Eli

With a background in various Martial Arts, Master Eli started his study of Pakua in the 90's and adapted his past experience to this art.  He quickly got involved in the teaching aspect of Pakua as well becoming an active member of the top tier of the Pakua International organization.  With students all over the world, Master Eli has focused his attention to Long Island to make it a center of Pakua study. He also travels as an Itinerant Master to various Pakua locations, to perform Evaluations and promote the growth of the International School.

Master Eli teaches many of the classes at Pakua Long Island.

Photos (left to right):
Receiving the "Double AGL" distinction from the late founder of the Pakua International School, Master Rogelio I.M.G.Magliacano - Archery training at Pakua Long Island - Receiving Seventh Degree from Grand Master Moyano in December 2012 in Florianapolis, Brasil, at the International Pakua Gathering.