516.791.1860 - 1191 RAILROAD AVE - at Hewlett LIRR Station - Hewlett, Long Island

Pakua Long Island opened its doors to the public during the summer of 2005 to provide excellence in Martial Arts education.

With brand new facilities and an able staff of dedicated professionals, the school has been offering services to a large roster of adults and children.  

The school is dedicated to the study of Pakua in a relaxed yet serious environment.  Beginners and experienced students are welcome and attention is given to the needs of each individual, regardless of skill level or physical abilities.

The Pakua Long Island school also provides one on one classes for special needs students.

Whether you are looking to get into good shape, lose some weight, get a little exercise or become a serious fighter, you will surely find what you need at Pakua Long Island.

1191 Railroad Ave

Classes are available in:
- Martial Arts for Kids -
- Martial Arts for Adults -
- Archery - 
- Pakua Tai Chi (Cosmo Dynamics) -
- Chinese Yoga (Syntony) -
- Massage Therapy -
- Energy Healing -
- Pakua Nutrition -
- Reflexology -
- Traditional Chinese Medicine -
 - Personal Trainer Services -
- Pakua Chuan -
- Acrobatics -
- Pakua Jian -
- Ancient Weapons -


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